Game Reserve

The estate of the Castello di Montegiove also includes an azienda agrituristica venatoria, or rather a game reserve, measuring 280 hectares. In the reserve it is possible to shoot pheasant, quail, partridge and hare from the 1st of September until the 31st of January.

Wild boar can be hunted all year round and in a future fenced area it will also be possible to hunt deer and mouflon.

There is also a training area for dogs, within the reserve, covering 30 hectares, where it is possible to train the dogs and shoot pheasant, partridge and quail almost all year round.

Wild boar faced extinction only a few decades ago, but their population has doubled in number in recent years. These big, aggressive pigs rummage through the fields, trampling everything that crosses their path, from sunflowers to cereals, stopping only in vineyards to eat the ripest and tastiest grapes. In order to stop these savage connoisseurs from destroying the harvest, many farmers have had to put up electrified fences to salvage their crops.

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