Since 1780, the Castle of Montegiove has been property of the Marquises Misciattelli, with each generation adding to the development of the agricultural estate, which fully embraces both traditional methods and modern efficiency. Manual labour and modern technology are combined into a unique working atmosphere in which a small, dedicated team of land and office workers strive to create products of exceptional quality.
The estate covers nearly 1200 hectares of stunning Umbrian countryside; its principal products are Orvietano Rosso DOC and Umbria Rosso IGT wines, extra virgin olive oil, cereals, truffles, forest products and Chianina cattle. This exclusive breed of cattle has been around since the early Roman times, and is a denomination protected by I.G.P. status, the unique symbol of quality for fresh beef approved by the EU for Italy.
Montegiove itself is a lovely and peaceful medieval village with less than 100 inhabitants, an “enoteca” and a recently restored picturesque church. The countryside surrounding Montegiove is scattered with fields and naturally grown forests, where one can find carefully marked trekking footpaths of various lengths. Due to its position, it is an ideal base for exploring the historical treasures of Umbria and Tuscany, especially the countryside of the historical provinces of Orvieto, Assisi, Todi, Spoleto, Perugia and Siena. In the vicinity of Montegiove is “La Scarzuola”, a XIII century monastery and church founded by St. Francis of Assisi with a splendid garden and the so-called Città Buzziana. La Scarzuola has always had special ties to the Castle of Montegiove, as its construction was requested in 1282 on the estate by the counts of Marsciano. In the aisles of the church and next to the entrance are the coats of arms of the present and the previous owners of the castle.